Lines, repetition and geometry are a common theme in my photography. My appreciation of the simple linear elegance of everyday life leads me first to engineering then to photography. When I moved from Bahrain to Chicago five years ago, my Nikon became a part of me. Hiding behind its lens allowed me to marry my desire for creativity and my propensity toward that which can be measured, deconstructed and reconstructed. Chicago seduced me with its easy summers. Open air restaurants and culinary delights. The rhythm I have come to know as “Summertime Chi”. Autumn penned the preamble to “Chiberia”; a delicate precursor to raw and aching fingertips.

The gallery I am exhibiting chronicles my affair with the weather, architecture and natural beauty of the city. "A Winter Affair" was taken downtown the morning after the blizzard of 2011. The storm is famously known for shutting down lakeshore drive for 2 days.  "The Windy Goddesses" and "The Windy Goddesses ll" both include Greek mythical statues triumphantly overlooking the skyline. "Chicago" shows the essence of Chicago’s architecture while displaying half of the Chicago Tribune sign and many different layers of building facades. All of the photos included were captured from locations on or near the lake, downtown, Museum Campus and Northerly Island.

As I continue my stay in Chicago I will continue to venture out to create scenes that reflect the unique appearance of the city.  Thanks for viewing my gallery.